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Vermont Indigenous Celebration
July 9-12,2009
Burlington, Vt.
The Vermont Indigenous Celebration
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Changeling: a tale of Lake Champlain, 1774
A young Abenaki chief in 1774 loses his family in an
attack and attempts to redress his loss by taking a young
white girl prisoner. She, too, is without a family, for very
different reasons. What they discover surprises both of
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The Lake Before Champlain
Stories about 'Lost Races' are usually labeled and then
dismissed as "Fantastic Archeology" but a surprising new
discovery along a high beach terrace of the ancient
Champlain Sea has introduced an unknown chapter in the
history of Ice Age America. It suggests that an early and
sophisticated Native culture once existed in the Northeast
that researchers are just beginning to recognize. The lives
that these ancient peoples lived were far different from the
anthropological models that scientists developed for the
Paleo-Indian and the implications of the new discoveries
reach through the entire history of Eastern Native civilization
to our own time. This program chronicles the long and
careful process that has unfolded one of the great
archeological mysteries of North America.
1609: The Other Side of History
The Incredible complexity of the little-known Native and
European material cultures that complemented and
blended with each other in the summer of 1609.  The
complete clothing, transportation, navigation, and martial
artifact systems that permitted sixty Native Alliance and
French warriors to overcome a vastly superior Iroquois
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From Calumet to Catastrophe: and Back.
Come Join the Missisquoi Abenaki "Circle of Courage" youth group as they explore the
history of tobacco in Native American culture, from the ancient ceremonial use of the
herb as sacrament in the Wabanaki pipe ceremony -- to its unfortunate use as a
recreational drug today.  The Abenaki ancestors enshrined the ancient pipe ceremony
in a dance of remembrance called the “Calumet Dance,” as well as small ceremonies
of permission and thanksgiving before drumming and singing; so that their modern
descendents understand the true meaning of tobacco.  Elders also teach the young in
the dancers of disrespecting this ancient ceremonial herb.  In this Abenaki-produced
video, the “Circle of Courage” children make the case through dance, song and
interview for respectful rather than offhand use of tobacco, not only as a way of
preserving health, but as a way of preserving culture.